Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chester Nova Scotia, the Adventure Continues

Flew in to Halifax this morning with Kerry and my son Ian. My dad Ian Wilson picked us up. We made a brief stop at a grocery store, picked up water, snacks, bread, fruit, and more. We've been lucky to arrive as the sun has come out. My parents have been working on getting things ready for the past two weeks in mostly cold rainy weather.

What a thrill to finally see the boat out on the water. We took a tender out to see if we could motor License to Chill, our 35 foot Gemini catamaran into the dock to load up our bags and provisions. Things didn't look too good. The diesel motor turned over but would not start. Shawn came out with his booster battery and that got us going. Kerry motored us into the dock. We loaded up and started to get familiar with everything. We went from head to toe opening up everything and trying to figure out what it all was and how it worked.

Then lunch at The Galley Restaurant, for some amazing amazing lemon curry mussels, and delicious burgers and fries. Mom and Dad are eager to get back to Toronto. They've been well looked after by Shawn here at South Shore Marine.

After lunch we've continued to work on learning how everything works. Kerry discovered that the new Raymarine radar had been left on which thankfully explains the engine start issue earlier in the day due to low battery. As long as we make sure to power that down when not needed the batteries should be good.

We've had a few cocktails as we plan our next moves. A good hour on the new radar and plotter to star seeing how we will plot a route, track progress and engage the radar when needed. So much to learn!