Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Electric motoring from Oakville to Bronte on our C&C 35

Leigh had a bit of a fall on our trip from Toronto to Oakville. So, with winds blowing hard we decided to test the electric motor as a way of making it an easy stress free trip to Bronte. It was a sunny day, not much wave action as the wind was coming in from the north where the land is. We made 3-4 knots at about three quarters throttle doing about 1600 rpm with our old folding racing prop. It took a little over an hour with some extra time as we came in slow as this is our first time in this harbor. Once we docked and settled all the rigging down the battery meter indicated we still had about 100% charge and another 4.5 hours at 3-4 knots that we still could have covered.

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